Kapiti Food Fair -   Come share it...
About the Kapiti Food Fair

The Kapiti Food Fair is privately owned and operated by Kapiti Business Projects and PartyPerfect Catering. Kapiti Rotary and the Air Force Cadets are key partners' helping with logistics on the day including, gate entry, visitor parking and the ATM facility. There are numerous other local businesses and students who choose to support this significant Kapiti-based event by way of reduced cost of service or donation.

The Fair is a commercial event, however, we have a social agenda too. Through our partnership with Kapiti Rotary, the Fair owners work hard to make a significant donation to Kapiti Rotary for distribution to agreed local charities each year.  We also donate to the work of the 49 Squadron Air Force Cadets here in Kapiti.

We believe the Kapiti Coast is an ideal location to host that attracts vendors from all around New Zealand. This is evident in our growth over the last four years with 80 sites in 2012, 103 in 2013, 124 in 2014, 134 in 2015, 158 in 2016, 193 in 2017 and 211 in 2018. In 2014, the venue was moved to the Mazengarb Reserve which has proved to be an ideal location for vendors and visitors. It can handle growth for the future and meets event logistical needs.

The Fair continues to have aspirations to do what Martinborough has done for the art & craft industry in New Zealand, being, an iconic and enduring annual destination event that draws vendors, and visitors to a memorable event that provides a significant economic contribution to the region.
The Fair has been fortunate to receive approved contestable funding for a three-year period from Kapiti Coast District Council to support its regional marketing activity.  Funding commenced in 2016 and will continue until 2018.
The Fair continues to align itself to run the day before the popular Thorndon Fair in Wellington. There are many vendors that are influenced to attend particularly if they are from out of the region and they are registered to be at the Thorndon Fair the following day.
The Fair always features a Celebrity Chef. In 2018, we hosted Brett McGregor, Jax Hamilton in 2017 and Jason van Dorsten of Café Hanoi in Auckland in 2016. In 2015 Annabelle White came to Kapiti and Karena and Kasey Bird in 2014. Nadia Lim was in 2012 and in early years we had Simon Holst and Martin Bosley. Each celebrity chef has worked their individual magic to share food and experience for the benefit is visitors.

The Fair includes entertainment by talented local people.  Entertainment is important at the Fair to create a fun and positive atmosphere for visitors to stay longer and to enjoy their time with family and friends while consuming what is on offer from a large variety of food & beverage vendors.

In 2018 we created 3 zones, The Beach FM Stage, the ZEAL Busking Zone and the Coastella Tiny Town Studio.  We operate 3 kids zone with new providers: Bouncy Monkey, Adrenalin Kapiti Coast and Colossal Circus - super fun for everyone!

In partnership with Tuatara Brewing we run a licenced bar undercover of a Stretch Tent serving beers, wines cocktails from Vendors at the Fair.  The Tuatara Bar has proved popular with visitors as a place to rest and away from the weather.

The Fair will continue to sell its own unique shopping bag to promote the Fair to visitors.  We are investigating other relevant branded merchandise for the future ie tea towels, water bottles etc.

The Fair will be progressively investing in more shade structures and toilet amenities in 2018 and 2019 to meet the increasing demand of visitors and vendors.
Join us as the Kapiti Food Fair continues to grow - we had
20,000+ visitors in 2018, awesome and we thank everyone
for coming along and having fun!

Visitor facts 2017 
155 responses | 97% rating the Fair as an amazing or good event with sampling and buying food & drink being the highlight followed closely by the range of entertainment on offer.

58% of visitors came without kids and 39% came with kids between 5-15 years.  29% of kids loved the event while 13% did not.

76% of visitors will buy sampled products again | 85% were female and 75% were aged between 26-55 years with a further 20% being 56 or over and 5% below 25.

Gate entry pricing of $5/adult and free for those under 18 was rated great or about right by 76% of visitors and 23% of visitors are interested in paying $5 for parking.

81% said they will definitely visit next year and 95% will recommend to others | 23% of visitors bought the Fair jute shopping bag.

Most successful marketing channels:

Facebook                              68.99%
Billboards                             44.30%
Word of mouth                      34.18%
Newspaper                            25.32%
Posters                                 14.56%
Radio                                    12.03%
Neighbourly                           8.86%
Flyers                                    6.33%
Stuff                                      5.70%
Eventfinda                              4.43%
Bus back advertising               3.80%
Website                                  3.16%
Cinema adverts                       1.90%
LinkedIn                                 1.27%
Other                                     11.39%